Dual Lit




Innovate and Differentiate your Boards

Stunning impact  |  Stands out from all other boards  |  Day to night transformations  |  Preferred print provider for consistent production  |  Quick installation and removal  |  Drives incremental revenue per board

What We Do

Through a combination of print and light, we change the way a creative is viewed based upon the time of day.

What You Can Do

Capture the effects of digital advertising while maintaining static impressions.

Converting Static to Digital

Three steps to innovative backlighting.

Standard Uplighting

Brilliant Nighttime Results

Converted to Temporary Backlits

Digital Effects with Static Impressions

 Latent Image Becomes Visible Only at Night!

Static Print Storytelling…

The Product

Send us your drawings!

  • We layout, design and send back install road map
  • Quotes returned before the end of the next business day.
  • Key Information Needed: Post date, length of campaign, size of unit(s) and quantity for campaign
  • GIF Animations can be created to show effect of potential concept

Tech Specs

Thin: Can be used in the most constrained spaces No Heat Sink: Circuit design results in minimal heat Light Weight: Weighs 1.2 oz. per sq. ft. Flexible: Can be applied to flat or curved surfaces Fully Customizable: Unlimited sizes with color ranges between 6,500K and 2,700K Minimal Depth: Reduces packaging requirements RoHS Compliant: No banned materials Made in USA: Quality materials with shorter lead Times